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Because we are not there with you, we need you to take the role of our speech therapy assistant.


Speech Club is divided into 18 modules that you can work through at your own pace. Sit next to your child and watch the videos together. Encourage your child to say the words when prompted. Work through the course slowly and methodically. Watch each lesson numerous times as repetition is the key. We also have short explainer videos for the parents to accompany our printable Speech Club Guide book in each module. We have included over 100 language activities that you can do at home to support our lessons.


You should find modules 1-9 fairly easy but they are vital in cementing the foundation skills for your child's language development. We will show you what to say and what to listen to and we will also provide some activities that accompany each module that you can download and play after each online lesson.   

These are skills that we often take for granted but they are the foundation of language, and they are vital if your child wants to use their speech in a functional and sociable manner. The first 9 modules look at cementing these important skills. 

Remember, if your child can not take turns, or make eye-contact with the people around them, they can not converse socially. They need to learn the function of an object before they can use the verb that goes with it. They also need to listen to the words of others and thus learn how to imitate the sounds that they hear. 

We then help you to teach your child their first words. We will show you how to make sure that your child NEEDS to talk. We help you to expand their vocabulary using words that are easy to access. We then start to form two-word utterances and show you how to extend their sentences in a systematic and developmental order. 

Your child needs to learn not just the name of the objects around them but also how to link words together and how to form short sentences. They need to understand the meaning of concepts so that they can be descriptive, and their language can have more meaning. We help your child to listen to the sounds around them and the speech sounds that make up words. We show you how to encourage your child to make three-word phrases. 

The most important rule is to have fun! Remember every month we will have a live Q&A so please feel free to join us and ask us any questions. We recommend you also join our online community on Facebook so that you can speak to other parents who share your concerns and can reassure you about the benefits of Speech Club. 


Enough talking from us, lets get started…  


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