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Speech Club is a program for under 5's, created by qualified Speech Therapists.

Speech Club WILL help your child! *Guaranteed results - or your money back!


Sandy, Bromley (Mother to Theo, 2 years old) “Speech Club's a no brainer! I was quoted £75 for 45 minutes with a local speech therapist and told it would take many sessions to see progress. I thought I'd test Speech Club for a month, not expecting much, but the results were amazing! It's simple to use and I'm so glad I found it. I'd recommended it to any parent who's worried about their child."

*Money back terms:
We are so confident in the effectiveness of our program, we offer a money-back guarantee if it doesn't work for you. To qualify for the refund, which applies to the first £29 monthly subscription, you must have logged in at least 20 times within the last 30 days, with your child spending a minimum of 9 minutes on each session. This requirement ensures that both you and your child have actively engaged with the program, giving it a fair chance to deliver results. If, after meeting these criteria, you're not satisfied with the progress, please ensure you cancel your monthly subscription and email us for a refund. Your child's success is our priority, and we stand behind the effectiveness of our Speech Club program.

Termly and yearly memberships are excluded from the money back offer. 

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