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Fun & affordable, on-demand improvement program, created for kids with delayed speech and language 

  • An instant, effective & affordable way to get your child talking with NO WAITING LIST!

  • Created by highly experienced Speech & Language therapists especially for toddlers & pre-schoolers.

  • Unlimited video learning sessions, watch on any screen or device, and repeat until your child is ready to move on.

  • Membership to Speech Club is less than £1-a-day and can be done on a screen.

  • Transform your child's confidence and ability to communicate and end their language delay.

3 easy steps to end speech and language delay...

1). JOIN Speech Club

2). WATCH and repeat the learning videos - unlimited sessions!

3). EXPERIENCE the transformation in your child's life...



We understand the worry caused by a child who is not talking or communicating and the frustration of waiting for months to see a local therapist. Private therapy is also very costly and prevents many children from getting the specialist help they need.


That's why we created Speech Club - to provide immediate access to therapy for every child and parent, regardless of their circumstances.

After two years of extensive research, including clinical reports and assessments, drawing from our 50 years of combined professional experience with preschool children, we have developed a unique method to teach children with fun and engaging online activities. The lessons cover 18 core areas for early development in bite-size video sessions that are easy for you and your child to follow.

Each session can be repeated until you see improvement in your child's communication skills or can be skipped and revisited later. We have also designed user-friendly personalized tools that make learning enjoyable and fast for your child.

We now hear from parents all over the world, who express their gratitude for the positive impact we have had on their children's lives and are witnessing the transformation firsthand.

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