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Are you worried that your child is not talking? Are they struggling to play with other children and to make good eye-contact or to take turns? Are they struggling to link words together? Do they rely on pointing or pulling you to the item they want? If you have any concerns about your child's ability to express themselves then this course could be for you. 


This course is designed for pre-school children who have limited verbal language. It takes your child from the early skill of eye-contact right up to the ability to make short sentences, following a hierarchical developmental order that has been designed by our two speech and language therapists. 


Have you always wanted to help your child to talk but not known where to start? Work your way through this course and you can be reassured that you are targeting the appropriate words in a manner that your child can access. This course consists of 18 modules - all with printable handouts with pictures you can use at home.  A posting game to make, lotto boards to play and much much more.  


Sit next to your child in front of your computer screen and play the role of a teaching assistant. Help keep your child focused on the screen and encourage them to respond to the speech therapists' games. Watch the lessons multiple times in the comfort of your own home. Use the accompanying work sheets and games to support your child's language development within your home. 


What this course does NOT DO: 

This course does not replace the invaluable intervention of an actual speech therapist who can work with your specific child and respond to the verbal utterances that your child makes. This course can be used to help support the work your speech therapist is doing or it can allow you to be helping your child whilst they are on a waiting list to be seen by a speech therapist.  


This course does not focus on improving the clarity of your child's speech, it focuses on the words and the language that they use. 

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