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Speech Club and Autism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that has seen a significant rise in recent years, particularly amongst children. While the exact reasons for this increase are not yet fully understood, improved diagnostic procedures and increased awareness have contributed to better identification of autism in children.

While it can be understandably worrying for parents to hear this news, it's important to remember that early diagnosis and intervention can be beneficial for children with autism. With the right support, children with autism can develop skills and improve their quality of life. Additionally, many individuals with autism have thrived and found success in their personal and professional lives. So while parents should be aware and mindful of the potential for their child to have autism, they shouldn't be overwhelmingly worried as there are proven methods of support and treatment available.

Reasons why Speech Club can help autistic children:


  • It can sometimes be difficult to get the attention of children on the spectrum and by watching our pre-recorded videos, we are able to teach the children in a non-threatening and informative manner.

  • SC allows the child to watch lessons that are directed straight to them

  • Those children on the autistic spectrum tend to enjoy repetitive activities and SC lessons can be watched numerous times

  • It can be hard to address non-verbal skills such as how to improve your child’s eye contact or ability to share and SC has designed specific lessons on these topics.

  • SC provides over 100 language activities that parents can carry out at home

3 easy steps to end speech and language delay...

1). JOIN Speech Club

2). WATCH and repeat the learning videos - unlimited sessions!

3). EXPERIENCE the transformation in your child's life...

  • An instant, effective & affordable way to get your child talking with NO WAITING LIST!

  • Created by highly experienced Speech & Language therapists especially for toddlers & pre-schoolers.

  • Unlimited video learning sessions, watch on any screen or device, and repeat until your child is ready to move on.

  • Membership to Speech Club is less than £1-a-day and can be done on a screen.

  • Transform your child's confidence and ability to communicate and end their language delay.

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