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speech therapy no waiting

Join OUR Affiliate Program

Introduce the benefits of Speech Club to your user base and earn commissions when they join!

Promote Speech Club to your audience and earn attractive commissions which are 

paid on one-off payments and recurring subscriptions

Help parents and nurseries to combat language delay in children. This is a massive problem that is worse than ever.

Speech Club has users in over 60 countries and is effective in any English speaking country in the World

  • How much do I get paid for a referral?
    Unlike many other referral programs, our affiliate program offers a unique and advantageous structure. We believe in rewarding our affiliates generously for their efforts, and thus, our program stands out in the top tier of affiliate programs. Here's the exceptional aspect: we don't just offer a one-time payment for your referrals. Instead, we continue to reward you each month for as long as the member you referred maintains their subscription with us. This means that your earning potential isn't limited to a single transaction; it's ongoing. We're committed to fostering a mutually beneficial partnership with our affiliates, ensuring that your success aligns with ours. So, rest assured, when you join our affiliate program, you're not just signing up for a one-time reward – you're embarking on a journey of sustained earnings and growth.
  • How do I get paid?
    Payouts are made each month upon validation.
  • Fair play
    We encourage you to use your link only in ways that will benefit potential Speech Club customers, our community and the company. We reserve the right to cancel your account at any time due to unethical behaviour (e.g. anything which could mislead customers or damage Speech Club's brand).
  • What are the requirements to become an affiliate?
    We have some rules in place to ensure that the Speech Club approval process is streamlined. This is not an exhaustive list, and we reserve the right to evaluate each application individually for approval. Applications lacking a primary website, social media page or access to the relevant audience will not be accepted. In the application we ask you to provide details of your audience and how you communicate with them. Multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes are strictly prohibited.
  • When will my application be accepted?
    Approval of a pending application may take up to 72 business hours. Once reviewed, you will receive an email from us.
  • Who can apply to the program?
    You are eligible if you are a blogger, publisher, influencer or content creator.


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Benefits of Speech Club and why it works! 

  • Personalized Learning Experience: Mimics the presence of a speech therapist, offering a tailored learning experience that feels personal and engaging.

  • Extensive Educational Material: Provides over 60 educational videos, ensuring a broad range of learning content with clear objectives for comprehensive language development.

  • Engagement and Fun: Combines humour, storytelling, and interactive activities to keep the learning process enjoyable and engaging for children.

  • Practice and Progression: Designed for repeated viewing, the videos encourage practice, helping children to progress more rapidly in their speech and language skills.

  • Additional Learning Resources: Offers downloadable games and learning guides, along with an assessment and progress chart to support and track the child's learning journey.

  • Flexible Access: Allows lessons to be accessed on any screen, anywhere, and at any time, providing convenience and flexibility in how and when children learn.

  • Professional Support: Members receive direct access to Speech Therapists for additional support and guidance, ensuring personalized care.

  • Affordable and Immediate Solution: Offers an affordable alternative to traditional speech therapy services, with the added advantage of immediate access, bypassing long waiting lists.

  • On-Demand Availability: As an on-demand service, Speech Club ensures that the child's progress is continuous and self-paced, not limited by external schedules.

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