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Speech Club: A Pioneering, Evidence-Based Approach to Early Language Development


Speech Club is a meticulously developed digital intervention designed to enhance language abilities in preschool children. Grounded in robust, evidence-based methodologies, Speech Club has emerged as a revolutionary approach in delivering speech therapy, substantiated by compelling outcomes from extensive research and feedback.


Collaboration with Essex County Council: A Testament to Success.

Our journey commenced with a series of internal interviews, comprehensive questionnaires, and meticulous analysis of feedback forms from parents and local nurseries. It was during this initial phase that Essex County Council approached us to conduct an independent pilot study to validate the efficacy of our program before integrating it into their nursery settings.


This collaboration entailed providing access to the Speech Club Nursery package to seven nurseries. The implementation of Speech Club’s pre-recorded lessons on a consistent basis yielded significant improvements in children’s language abilities. Additionally, individual family memberships ensured the extension of benefits to families, enabling children to continue their learning at home.

Objective Outcomes and Widespread Implementation:

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) coordinator maintained regular communication with the participating nurseries, organizing support sessions to gather detailed feedback. 

Essex County Council conducted an independent pilot study, leading to unbiased and independent conclusions. The overwhelmingly positive responses and unbiased study received within just a few months led to the subsequent implementation of Speech Club across all 42 Levelling-up areas managed by Essex County Council.

Invitation to Authorities:

We extend an invitation to authorities and councils to consider the demonstrable success and substantial impact of Speech Club as evidenced by our collaboration with Essex County Council.

  1. Evidence-Based Impact: Substantiate the enhancements in children’s language abilities through quantifiable outcomes.

  2. Community Empowerment: Extend refined learning experiences to families and nurseries, focusing on those most in need.

  3. Proven Success: Emulate the accomplishments observed by Essex County Council through the implementation of Speech Club.

  4. Sustained Support: Benefit from consistent check-ins and support sessions ensuring smooth and effective implementation.


Speech Club stands as a beacon of transformative learning, backed by empirical evidence and proven success. We welcome partnerships with other authorities and councils, aspiring to broaden the horizons of early childhood learning and development.

Let’s collaboratively embark on a journey to sculpt a future where every child is provided with the opportunity to reach their full communicative potential, shaping a more articulate and enlightened tomorrow.


The Only Way Is Essex (+ Speech Club)!
Remote Delivery of Speech and Language Therapy in Early Years Settings — A Partnership with Essex County Council 


“The children are really responding well to the activities, and we've already seen an impact.”
“It's a really good resource and a good reminder of activities, especially for those simple things like attention and listening, which often they said that they sometimes forget about. But then when they've watched the videos and focused on that, they've really appreciated why they need to focus on attention and listening.”
“The children are really engaged, especially when the adult is really familiar with the lessons and know when to pause the video and engage with the children.”
Our settings also use TalkBoost but they said that actually the two together have really complement each other really well.” 
“In one nursery they've chosen specific children that they think would benefit from Speech Club but then they invited their best friends in order to develop their friends skills in communicating with their peers. It's really built up their friendship groups.” 
“We also use Elkan training and it's really just brought things together, you know, where they're focusing on an intervention, but then their overall practice is really improving as well. Speech Club adds an extra dimension.” 

“The website's really easy to use. The children like the props with the activities They're planning to use it within small groups”
“There has been a lot of positive feedback about the progress chart as well.”

“It seems to be making a difference, which is what it's all about. So we're thrilled.” 

“For me, it feels that the settings have gradually over the years been developing their own expertise, whether that be funded opportunities or self funded. And then they've got this extra resource that they've just been able to put in place really simply.”
“We are hoping it's going to have a long term effect for these children, as some interventions are very short sighted.”

Case Study: Remote Delivery of Speech and Language Therapy in Early Years Settings — A Partnership with Essex County Council. 

for information, please do get in touch for a tailored package to suit the size and needs of your AUTHORITY.

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