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Know your Material Few things can overcome the fear of public speaking like knowing your material. This doesn’t necessarily mean knowing your speech ‘by heart’or actual speech memorization, although that can help. More so, knowin...

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Awards speeches are made while presenting an award and are usually one of the simplest types of speeches that you can give. N... Read More


Graduation speeches should revolve around the students in the graduating class and their teachers. They should not be generic... Read More


The verbal part of public speaking is the most crucial element of all, as this is your primary means of delivering your messa... Read More


What is a cliche? In language arts, a cliche is a phrase or sentence that was once colorful or clever but is now overused. Ex... Read More


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It is really important to not only feel good about your speeches but also look good. Exercise and diet are both really important in helping you feel ready to give a speech. If you are looking to lose weight the hcg diet combined with appropriate exercise is a good way to accomplish that goal. We here at Speechclub have found it has helped our overall skills.



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