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Speech and Language solutions for authorities

Family home membership £199 / year with competitive discounts for multiple voucher purchases.

Nurseries (classes up to 30 children) from £3,000/year or £1,300/term

Dual Nurseries' & Parents' memberships also available.


• Individual parent/carer contributions 

• Core nursery funding  • Pupil premium 

• Local Authority Early Years Inclusion Fund  

• EHCP funding  • Levelling up funding



We provide Local Authorities with a ready-made Speech and Language Therapy service that can be used to help address the language difficulties of the children in their care. With tailored courses for Nurseries/Pre-schools and also for individual families to use at home, we provide all the necessary speech and language therapy tools  needed as well as support and direct access to experienced Speech and Language Therapists 24/7.

Designed by two Speech & Language Therapists (with over 50 years of combined clinical paediatric experience), we supply all the pre-recorded speech and language therapy lessons, handouts, information guides, stationary packages and more... The lessons can be watched by all the children in the setting and provide the nursery and carers with extended activities and all the resources they need to improve the language development of the children in their care.

Speech Club also provides the assessment materials that can be used to track the language development of each child so that their progress can be carefully measured and suitable targets set along the way.

Speech Club can be used immediately (avoiding long waiting times for speech and language therapy). This cost-effective service provides early intervention for pre-school children and addresses their language difficulties before they start at school (possibly preventing the need for more expensive support when they are older).

If you would like to discuss how we can help improve the speech and language development of the children in your area of care, please get in touch....

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