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TESTIMONIALS / Reviews from Parents & NURsERIES

Effective online language therapy for children at a low cost


"Speech Club's a no brainer! I was quoted £75 for 45 minutes with a local speech therapist and told it would take many sessions to see progress. I thought I'd test Speech Club for a month, not expecting much, but the results were amazing! It's simple to use and I'm so glad I found it. I'd recommended it to any parent who's worried about their child."


“My little boy sits and watches the videos really well! It's great that you are able to go at your own pace and re-visit videos whenever you want to. I have really started seeing my little boy apply some of the strategies such as the ready, steady, go game which is great with his waiting and his speech! Thank you Speech Club!”

“The lessons are super engaging and always take my little boy's interest. We have been revisiting the sessions and are able to do it at the pace that suits and best benefits his needs.”

“My son absolutely loves the videos, he has made so many sounds that he wasn’t saying before. The printouts and information have been great for us as parents as we can really see and understand Max’s level and ways we can help him progress. Full of great ideas and has provided us with tools to help our son whilst awaiting face-to-face speech therapy.”

“There really is no better to learn than from professionals (Goggle is very detached and Mumsnet is....well let's not go there! haha). Although our boy has contact with the S&L team it is every 3-6 months and more of a review than sessions. We are working away at home and your course is giving us, as parents, direction and focus. We are so grateful to you and will continue to tell everybody about the benefits of Speech Club.”

"Speech Club is the Sesame Street for speech & language! My daughter wants to watch it the whole time and really sees the videos and activities as a treat. You have made this whole thing fun and educational for us both! Thank you ladies!”"Speech Club is the Sesame Street for speech & language! My daughter wants to watch it the whole time and really sees the videos and activities as a treat. You have made this whole thing fun and educational for us both! Thank you ladies!”

“Yes we are seeing progress a plenty! Last week he said, 'Grandma pick up me'.... This was because Grandma had picked him up from nursery for the first time. We couldn't believe it, a sentence! Woohoo! This week we are back to the online learning. If we knew how to send video files we could record and send to you because he is so engaged and really loves them, I imagine it is difficult to see Speech Club’s effectiveness when you don’t know who is accessing the content but the online learning is very accessible and Theodore communicates in the same way as if you were in the room with us, I genuinely think he feels you are talking to him.”

“We are finding that out son is really engaged with the videos and activities. It is best for us to pick a time that suits him and to stop if he is distracted or not interested. We find the quick intro videos for the adult to be a great reminder of how to support and what the aim is of the lesson. We feel that the activities are aiding us as parents with tools to help with making new sounds and trying to form the correct shape of his mouth. This isn't always successful but we are seeing that the awareness is garnering an active attempt to pronounce the sound accurately. I have ticked yes to improving speech as we feel he is making progress with his speech sounds.”


“The children are really responding well to the activities, and we've already seen an impact.”
“It's a really good resou
rce and a good reminder of activities, especially for those simple things like attention and listening, which often they said that they sometimes forget about. But then when they've watched the videos and focused on that, they've really appreciated why they need to focus on attention and listening.”
“The children are really engaged, especially when the adult is really familiar with the lessons and know when to pause the video and engage with the children.”
“Our settings also use TalkBoost but they said that actually the two together have really complement each other really well.” 
“In one nursery they've chosen specific children that they think would benefit from Speech Club but then they invited their best friends in order to develop their friends skills in communicating with their peers. It's really built up their friendship groups.” 
“We also use Elkan training and it's really just brought things together, you know, where they're focusing on an intervention, but then their overall practice is really improving as well. Speech Club adds an extra dimension.” 

“The website's really easy to use. The children like the props with the activities They're planning to use it within small groups”
“There has been a lot of positive feedback about the progress chart as well.”
“It seems to be making a difference, which is what it's all about. So we're thrilled.” 

“For me, it feels that the settings have gradually over the years been developing their own expertise, whether that be funded opportunities or self funded. And then they've got this extra resource that they've just been able to put in place really simply.”
“We are hoping it's going to have a long term effect for these children, as some interventions are very short sighted.”

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