• Is your child talking yet? Is their language limited compared to their peers? 

  • Are you worried? 

  • Lockdown has impacted the language of thousands of pre-school children. 

  • Communication skills have been hampered by face masks and lack of interactions. 

  • There is a national shortage of speech therapists, and the waiting lists are unacceptable. 

  • What can you do to help your child to talk? 


Speech Club may be able to help. Designed and run by two speech and language therapists with 50 years of clinical paediatric experience between them, who have created an online course for you to do at home with your child. And you can start today! The course consists of...

  • 18 modules which focus on the developmental stages needed to talk with printable guides for parents and over 3 hours of online pre-recorded lessons for children, plus additional explainer videos for parents. 

  • Over 100 language activities. 

  • Monthly live Q&A’s and an online private forum supporting parents all over the world.

  • Games to download, and over 100 illustrations that accompany the lessons for you to use at home. 


From improving your child’s eye-contact to teaching them how to say three-word phrases. We guide you every step of the way, as you work. Progress your way through the course at your child’s pace and learn to talk with Speech Club.


We are so grateful!


Wow! What an amazing Facebook LIVE session. I have written so many notes and am totally inspired by your enthusiasm. I have learnt so much this morning and feel empowered to help our son with his development. There really is no better way to learn than from professionals (Goggle is very detached and mumsnet is....well let's not go there! haha). Although our boy has contact with the S&L team it is every 3-6 months and more of a review than sessions. We are working away at home and your course is giving us, as parents, direction and focus.


We are so grateful to you and will continue to tell everybody about the benefits of Speech Club.

We can see and understand
his level and ways to help him


My son absolutely loves the videos, he has made so many sounds that he wasn’t saying before. The print outs and information have been great for us as parents as we can really see and understand Max’s level and ways we can help him progress. Full of great ideas and has provided us with tools to help our son whilst awaiting face to face speech therapy.



We are finding that out son is really engaged with the videos and activities. It is best for us to pick a time that suits him and to stop if he is distracted or not interested. We find the quick intro videos for the adult to be a great reminder of how to support and what the aim is of the lesson. We feel that the activities are aiding us as parents with tools to help with making new sounds and trying to form the correct shape of his mouth. This isn't always successful but we are seeing that the awareness is garnering an active attempt to pronoun the sound accurately. I have ticked yes to improving speech as we feel he is making progress with his speech sounds.


It is giving us real confidence that we have tools assessible that we can use to help our son. So far we are very pleased.